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Coordination Meetings

Drayton Harbor SPD Advisory Committee

Portage Bay SPD Advisory Committee

Marine Resources Committee


Community Events


Coordination Meetings

The Portage Bay and Drayton Harbor Shellfish Protection District Advisory Committees will meet to discuss coordination of water quality priorities and shellfish recovery plan tasks.  Monday, March 10, 2014 at 322 N. Commercial, Bellingham.


Drayton Harbor

The Drayton Harbor Shellfish Committee meets every other month on the third Wednesday, unless otherwise noted. Meetings are held from 4-6 pm at the Port of Bellingham's Blaine Conference Room, 235 Marine Drive, Blaine, WA. The public is encouraged to attend.

2014 Meetings

(Agenda)  February 19

2013 Meetings

(Agenda)  March 20
(Agenda)  May 15
(Agenda)  September 18

(Agenda)  November 20

2012 Meetings

(Summary) March 21
(Summary) May 16
(Summary) November 28


2011 Meetings

(Summary) February 16
(Summary) May 18
(Summary) July 20
(Summary) September 21


2010 Meetings

(Summary) January 20
(Summary) March 17
(Summary) May 19
(Summary) July 21
(Summary) September 15
(Summary) November 17


2009 Meetings

(Summary) February 18
(Summary) March 18
(Summary) May 2
(Summary) July 29
(Summary) September 16
(Summary) December 16


2008 Meetings

(Summary) January 16
(Summary) February 20
(Summary) March 26
(Summary) May 21
(Summary) September 17
(Summary) November 19


2007 Meetings

(Summary) January 17
(Summary) March 21
(Summary) May 16
(Summary) September 19


2006 Meetings

(Summary) January 25
(Summary) March 15
(Summary) May 17
(Summary) July 19
(Summary) November 14



Portage Bay

The Portage Bay Shellfish Advisory Committee meets quarterly on the last Wednesday of the month. Meetings are held from 3 to 5 pm in the Garden Level Conference Room at the Civic Center Building- Water Resources Division, 322 N. Commercial St., Bellingham, WA (by the Bellingham Public Library), unless otherwise noted. The public is encouraged to attend.

2014 Meetings

(Agenda) February 18

2013 Meetings

(Summary) January 8
(Summary) April 9

(Summary) July 31

(Summary) October 30

2004 Meetings

(Summary) January 14, 2004
(Summary) March 24, 2004


2003 Meetings

(Summary) January 27, 2003
(Summary) March 10, 2003
(Summary) May 12, 2003
(Summary) July, 2003
(Summary) September, 2003
(Summary) November, 2003


2002 Meetings

(Summary) November 30, 2002
(Summary) October 23, 2002
(Summary) September 25, 2002
(Summary) July 24, 2002
(Summary) June 26, 2002
(Summary) May 29, 2002
(Summary) April 24, 2002

(Summary) March 27, 2002
(Summary) February 27, 2002
(Summary) January 23, 2002


Marine Resources Committee Meetings

The Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative was authorized by Congress in 1998. The Initiative established a 13-member Northwest Straits Commission and Marine Resources Committees (MRCs) in seven western Washington counties.

The MRCs' main purpose is to guide local communities, using up-to-date information and scientific expertise, to achieve the important goals of resource conservation and habitat protection within the Northwest Straits. The mission of the Whatcom County Marine Resources Committee is revitalizing and preserving Whatcom County marine resources for future generations.

The MRC meets on a monthly basis in the Civic Center Garden Level Conference Room, 322 N. Commercial St, Bellingham, WA.





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